THE CHALLENGE: Working in teams, design, establish, and create a new company and its corresponding visual identity through a successfully designed integrated marketing system. Each member in the team must cooperate and split the work equally in order to share responsibilities. The group must: design the business, create a visual identity, implement the logo and brand onto physical forms, and present the idea to industry professionals to critique the work.

SOLUTION: My partner Maddie Gosson and I came up with a seasonal box subscription service called “Seasonal Esscentials,” with a focus on the scents of the seasons. Our box is sold online and comes four times a year. Customers can order single boxes for $30 per box or a year subscription for $120. What makes us different than other box services is that our products are all created by us, therefore we can sell the contents in the box separately in our online store, which means we are con- stantly bringing in profits. Our box always contains 5 full size products and a gift that is relevant to that season.