CHALLENGE: Create one set of twenty unique symbols that show harmony through unity, variety, and 20 different design principles.

SOLUTION: Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday, so why not create 20 fun symbols to represent it. I chose Christmas because I knew that they would be easily identifiable right away and that is an important quality of a symbol. By doing this project, I learned about all of the design principles and how to use them, how symbology is really the base of a lot of graphic design work, and that a message can be relayed without the use of conversation.

RESEARCH & PROCESS: I started the research for this project by starting off with a design principles/symbols exercise. I researched and explored the use of 25 different design principles in 3 forms: symbols, logos and print advertisement. The 25 design principles were: anomoly, balance (asymmetrical), balance (radial), balance (symmetrical), color, contrast, direction/movement, economy, figure/ground, focal point, framing, gradation, harmony, positive/negative space, proximity, radiation, repetition, shape, similarity, scale, space, texture, unity, value and variety. I then found 2 examples of each design principle for each of the 3 mediums only using books (no Internet/search engine use). After finding the total of 150 images, I clarified why each image connected to the design principle.