CHALLENGE: Create a unified series of three packages, including product name and corporate identity in a packaging system that successfully works as a unified whole, while also meeting the needs of both your client and intended demographic. While exploring the topic of “Health/Protein Bars”, I will learn how to design for the market effectively while also exploring areas such as branding, language, and shelf placement.

SOLUTION: This organic fruit leather comes in 3 flavors: How Ya Like Them; Bananas, Berries, and Mango. It is targeted to young adults who are looking for a healthy snack alternative. The packaging has colorful and playful patterns for each different flavor in order to differentiate each one while still making them appealing and fun. There is so much that comes out of the creative process when creating a project. I learned that in order for a product to be bought, it has to have good packaging. Why would someone buy something that has an unappealing package? I know I wouldn’t.